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Project Description
Derecho is a library for building high-speed replicated systems on RDMA networks.

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Derecho is an open-source (C++) distributed computing toolkit, with an emphasis on providing strong forms of distributed coordination and consistency at RDMA speeds. The platform is currently under development by a Cornell-based team that includes Jonathan Behrens, Sagar Jha, Matthew Milano and Edward Tremel, as well as Professors Ken Birman and Robbert van Renesse.

The source code is public domain and available here, but not yet stable. We hope to have a useable version available by late 2016.

While waiting for Derecho, we recommend that you code against Vsync The Derecho API will be very similar, although coded in C++ 17, but with almost the identical look and feel and system calls. Of course we expect that the average Derecho user will work in C++ 17, but in fact calls into it from C# will be possible, or Java, etc. Hopefully, pretty much anything.

Derecho is achieving really remarkable speed in our prototype work and experiments.

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